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  1. A disease that could potentially wipe out Australia's multi-billion-dollar livestock industry has been detected at Australian airports.

  2. Facing close to $750,000 in fines for taking 381 megalitres of water during an embargo, irrigator Anthony Barlow pleads guilty to water offences, but maintains the former water minister told him he could pump water "unless told otherwise".

  3. A heatwave stretching from south of the Queensland border all the way to Cape York sees a record-breaking run of high temperatures in the town of Roma and 35 straight days of searing weather in Brisbane.

  4. A suite of safety reforms to community service flights is being announced by CASA today in response to two fatal Angel Flight crashes in 2011 and 2017.

  5. Hundreds of refugees from Syria and Iraq continue to arrive in regional settlements in Queensland, with funding changes seeing some services cut.

  6. Labor has announced a new policy to remove the 1,500GL buyback cap on irrigators in the Murray-Darling Basin.

  7. From growing agri-tourism to tackling racism, these Trailblazers are taking their big ideas to the country's corridors of power to revolutionise regional Australia.

  8. The sound of the local postie bike coming up the street will give way to the whirl of an electric trike as Australia Post rolls out its new mail delivery vehicles.

  9. Regional airports are deemed essential gateways between the city and country, but questions have been raised about how secure they are.

  10. Record rainfall in northern Queensland is unlikely to make its way into the Murray-Darling Basin to replenish thirsty waterways, according to officials, with Lake Eyre most likely to benefit.

  11. Centre Alliance Senator Rex Patrick has thrown down the gauntlet to the cotton industry, challenging them to justify its use of water and its right to farm.

  12. The Murray-Darling royal commission report was full of fury. But both sides of politics have no sense of urgency and bureaucrats are serving as scapegoats for negligence overseen and endorsed by government, writes Laura Tingle.

  13. Allocating more water to the environment is one recommendation from the royal commission but that would lead to up to 12 regional towns being closed down, according to the Victorian Water Minister.

  14. The Murray-Darling Basin Royal Commission accuses Minister for Environment and Water David Speirs of breaching his state's ministerial code of conduct over a deal with the Federal Government on environmental flows.

  15. The report has accused the body responsible for implementing the Murray-Darling Basin Plan of negligence, so how has rural Australia reacted?

  16. The Murray-Darling Basin Royal Commission finds Commonwealth officials committed gross maladministration, negligence and unlawful actions in drawing up the multi-billion-dollar deal to save Australia's largest river system.

  17. International student associations call for more regulation of overseas migration agents as they reveal cheating on English tests required for Australian universities can be common practice.

  18. After 12 months of hearings and investigation, South Australia's Murray-Darling Basin Royal Commission has delivered its findings, which will be made public later this week. Here's how we got here.

  19. Commissioner Bret Walker SC dismisses recollections from former water minister Tony Burke that the sustainable level of water "take" was determined purely by environmental concerns, saying it was not consistent with contemporaneous records.

  20. Convincing good teachers to head west and stay is an ongoing problem for regional and rural schools.

  21. From bouncing through the bush on the back of a ute with Lee Kernaghan to taking over the Tamworth town hall with Felicity Urquhart, Landline has played a part in the making of many a country music star.

  22. Jason Freyling did not only help change a tyre for as young British traveller, he made sure she was safe.

  23. A Toowoomba police officer allegedly rammed by a stolen vehicle overnight suffers a dislocated shoulder and injuries to his right arm and ankle.

  24. South East Queensland mayors warn the region's transport woes could rival Sydney and Melbourne if annual transport infrastructure spending does not improve. But just how feasible is their plan?

  25. A patent application has been granted which Meat and Livestock Australia fears will have a chilling effect on genomic research in Australia's cattle industries.

  26. Australian Oliver Bridgeman, whose passport was cancelled in 2016 as authorities accused him of going to Syria with a plan to engage in "hostile activities", now says it is a "blessing in disguise", while also revealing he is now married.

  27. Grain growers in one Victorian region are feeling buoyant after a good harvest, despite tough conditions across the east coast.

  28. Despite figures showing a coal-export record has been beaten, with 223 million tonnes passing through Queensland ports last year, Greens senator Larissa Waters says the coal industry is in "desperate PR overdrive".

  29. Fish experts warn the die-off of fish in the Darling River could result in lower native fish stocks in other states, and call for irrigators to reduce water uptake by 40 per cent.

  30. Police discover a homemade submachine gun in a raid on a Toowoomba home, along with a large cache of weapon components and equipment stored inside a shipping container.
  31. Police discover a homemade submachine gun in a raid on a Toowoomba home, along with a large cache of weapon components and equipment stored inside a shipping container.

  32. Workers from both Energex and Ergon Energy in Queensland will no longer enter yards to read meters where dogs are not securely restrained, after the two companies recorded 71 injuries from dog bites in just over a year.

  33. If you thought it was hot last year, you're not wrong. The Bureau of Meteorology is warning there is little relief on the cards, with 2018's high temperatures and severely dry conditions expected to persist until at least March.

  34. To save one of the rarest butterflies in the world, we also need to save an unnamed ant species, an endangered woodland and a parasitic plant.

  35. Graziers and scientists are searching for answers to pasture dieback
  36. One of the three daughters of Cairns couple Malcolm and Esme Beck expresses her "shock and grief" at the deaths of her parents, who were hit by a car after leaving church in Townsville on Christmas Eve.

  37. As the state's south mops up after wild weather that brought down trees, tore tiles off roofs and left thousands without power, the Bureau of Meteorology warns damaging winds and large hail stones could be on the way.

  38. With Australians spending on average nearly seven hours a day on phones, tablets and computers, it is no wonder many of us are choosing to switch off for a much-needed digital detox.

  39. Three post-millennials take a break from technology for a week in a bid to change their digital habits.

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